Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Square 45: New digs

Square 045

At last I am home in my new home. Saturday was an ordeal for everyone. First of all, at the U-Haul dispatcher I discovered the van was only available for six hours instead of ten as I had requested, so we had to hurry. We loaded quickly. Upon arrival at the new building we just unloaded everything beside the sidewalk so I could return the van on time. Then we had to carry everything up two flights of stairs, which made for a grueling afternoon.

But I had a great troop of helpers who didn't complain much and never gave up their good spirits. The vein of cheerful colours through the middle of this square goes out to Danny, Marian, Kerri, Brenna, Tory, Marion, Les and Sean with special thanks. We finished around 3:30 then Danny took us out for Chinese food at Woks Taste.

Then I had piles and piles of boxes to contend with. I couldn't imagine how the place would ever start to take shape, but actually unpacking has gone quickly.

Saturday night I set up the computer table. Sunday afternoon we unpacked books and worked on making the living room habitable. Tory and Brenna went with Danny and me to Elora Gorge for a picnic and short hike, but we were all so tired we didn't last long. Back home we crashed and watched two movies in the new living room. Monday morning Brenna and Tory had to leave. Then Danny and I set up the futon bunk in the bedroom. Finally Danny had to leave for Toronto and I was left alone in my new digs. Yesterday I concentrated on getting my bedroom in order, and today sorted out the kitchen.

This evening I cooked my first real meal in my new place: baked pollock with lemon butter, golden beets, spinach vermicelli, and steamed bok choy in fried garlic and ginger with soy sauce and sesame oil. It has been weeks since I treated myself to a proper sit-down meal at the kitchen table, in fact that's something I rarely do.

This new place has a good vibe. It encourages me to take and savour my time. The living room walls are deep blue and the old hardwood is orange-brown. I can feel these spaces becoming a haven.

The yarns in this square are blue Patons Soy Wool, orange-brown Noro Silk Garden, purple Cascade, variegated Manos Del Uruguay "Wildflower", bright orange Létt-Lopi and Berroco Jasper.

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